What is our current food paradigm?

First we must look at our current relationship to food. Food currently available to us through our standard food distribution channel has often been grown with pesticides and petroleum fertilizers, has been genetically modified, and grown without enough information for us trust the source of our food. In addition food is harvested before being ripe. This practice initially reduces the nutrients and flavor of the product. Most foods are transported great distances around the world which further reduces the available nutrients while at the same time picking up radiation and harmful chemicals. Food then sits in storage, on display or in your refrigerator, often for many days, reducing its nutritional value even further.  Additionally, one quarter of this food is thrown away thus causing waste and increasing the cost of your food.



Why is it important to revolutionize our relationship with food?  

Food Independence

People deserve access to healthy, quality, nutrient rich food that is produced without harming the planet and in a way everyone can afford.


How does FarmPod revolutionize our relationship with food?

With FarmPod we can take back control of our food. You pick your food fresh all the time. You harvest what you need when you need it and with the most nutrients and flavor possible. With FarmPod your food cannot be fresher!