FarmPod would like to take a moment to thank all those involved in creating our prototype. Normally an endeavor like this would have needed a factory to engineer and build.  However, the original FarmPod was built in a parking lot with no amenities or lights and with only an extension cord for power.  It is hard to express all the hard work that went into transforming the empty shipping container dropped off on our spray painted concrete work space into what is now a fully functioning aquaponic farm. It took over eight weeks of 18 hour construction days that turned into sleepless nights of research and development. Alongside our inventor during this grueling time was our lead fabricator, Beecher Cotton. Taking a break from his established career in filmmaking, Cotton also sacrificed time away from his beautiful wife and home in Boston to come to Santa Fe and give everything he could into creating what is now the very first FarmPod. Many of the advancements you see as well as obstacles that were overcome that you don't were only made possible by Cotton's dedication and ingenuity. We couldn't have done it without him. We are therefore pleased to announce that Beecher Cotton is now a partner and full time member of the FarmPod team by graciously accepting the position of Chief Engineering Officer.  In nod to our favorite former film maker, FarmPod would like to present our "Making of" album.  In this gallery you will see photos of multiple steps of production. It took more than a team, it took a community.

To all the volunteers:

We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who helped with construction, to those who stopped by with food for the team, and those who just simply gave us their encouragement along the way!!!


Special thanks to:

Santa Fe

Anthony and Skya Abbate, Angela Marinis, Susan Straight, Steve Gerardo, Tom Watson, Alexander Dzurec, Mayor Javier Gonzalez, John Alejandro, Adam Cohen, Cheyenne Briggs, Chris Webster, Gabrielle Friedman , Eric Cram, New Millennium Spray Foam, Will Prokopiak , Nate Story and Bright Agrotech Team,  Alex Ignacio and team at Narrative Media, Dale Shadbegain, Monique Gomez and Gomez Family, Rachel Rhoode, Albert Zalma and Family and  Piper King.

St. Croix

Lorin Kleeger,  Congresswoman Stacey Plaskett, Wayne Biggs, Steven Steele and everyone at the EDA, Senate President Neville James, Senator Kurt Vialet, Senator Novelle Francis, Senator Almando “Rocky” Liburd, Henry Schuster,  Donald Bailey and team, Dr.Thomas Zimmerman,  Dale and Yvette Browne, First Bank VI, Erin Fischer, and everyone else on the island that has been so welcoming to us. 

This article was in the SF NewMexican on Sunday, June 5, 2016.  FarmPod would like to thank Cynthia Miller for taking the time to find out what those crazy guys were up to at all hours of the night in the parking lot.