Bright Agrotech

Bright Agrotech is the leader of high density, practical, and productive vertical farming equipment.

In addition to educating and empowering farmers of all sizes, we also design, build, and install our patented, professional ZipGrow vertical farming equipment around the world.

By taking a volumetric approach to greenhouse and indoor farming, we enable our farmers to grow more, reduce costs, and ultimately build stronger businesses. 

Through our products, service, and software, Bright Agrotech is building the infrastructure for a more decentralized and democratized food system where access to fresher, transparently grown local food is paramount. 

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Solar logic


AllTherm/SolarLogic was founded in 2008 to make decades of renewable energy hydronic heating expertise available in product form.  The company’s principals have been involved in specifying, designing and installing thousands of renewable energy systems – and we are well aware of the challenges to offering cost-effective integrated renewable energy heating to customers. AllTherm provides design and control for hydronic heating and cooling systems with one or more of these sources: conventional boiler, solar thermal, geothermal, wood or biomass boilers, stoves and fireplaces, and waste heat recovery. These sources can provide for hot water, space heating and cooling, pool and spa heating, ice melts and process heat.

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