HomePod is very much like a FarmPod except that it is designed with a family in mind.  HomePod grows a larger variety of food making its focus on providing a complete diet for the family versus producing the highest dollar value of food. With a significantly smaller footprint, HomePod is a perfect fit for a family.

  • All the benefits of FarmPod but in a smaller package. Only 8’x10’.

  • Fits in your yard, driveway, and alleyway.

  • Uses 90% less water than traditional farming and produces 30-50 pounds of produce a week.

  • Minimal family time required to maintain.

  • Fish provide entertainment for your kids and the kid at heart.

  • Real food security for your family.

  • Have confidence in the quality of the food you feed your family.

  • Create an educational experience for your family bringing them closer to the source of their food.